Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Iconic SkyDome

Image:: Freudian? Open Sky Dome/Rogers Centre next to CN Tower

My first visit to Toronto was by car. In retrospect, I'm glad the LinnyQat routed me down Queen Elizabeth Way to the Gardiner, as I got a glimpse of the CN Tower and the Skydome.

My post on ThickCulture about public financing of stadia caused me to research videos on The Sky Dome. Saying Rogers Centre still makes me wince a bit, but I found this old ESPN video from 1991 with Joe Carter giving a tour::

On the CBC Archives is a 1989 video where Brian Williams does a story on the Sky Dome architecture.

This one is a time-lapse of the building of the Sky Dome, compressing 2½ years into 2½ minutes::

Finally, I used this on the other post. I love this time-lapse of the dome closing at night {closure starts at 0:37}::

Twitterversion:: Videos on iconic Sky Dome/Rogers Centre #Toronto. Would Freud have laughed at the opening/closing dome next to CN Tower? @Prof_K

Song:: First Person Shooter-"Green Grass of Toronto"

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