Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Microsoft Pivot :: Visualizing Databases

Image:: Microsoft Pivot Screenshot, Games by Release Date. Keywords on left.

Doing research for the tech lab, I came across Microsoft Pivot. It's a data visualization tool that helps to display thumbnails representing object items in a database. I'm interested in how it can help users manage their digital libraries or collections. This demo. uses the examples of digs, concept cars, and video games::

My purposes require a mobile {320x480} and web {1024x768} interface that helps users quickly find, edit, and sample their collections based on metadata, including user defined tags/labels. I'm also thinking about autotagging that takes contextual factors and gives users the option to tag items, as well as ways to use algorithms and outside data to cluster tags into a manageable number of categories.

Pivot is a step in the right direction to allow users to quickly sift through large collections where objects can be identified visually/iconically. It's too bad it's a Windows7-only tool. I'm out of the loop with Snow Leopard and xp pro.

Twitterversion:: #Microsoft Pivot demo. gives me ideas on how data visualization can help users manage digital libraries. #rhizomicon http://url.ie/5b7c @Prof_K

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