Thursday, March 11, 2010

Music and the Ad :: Telus' "Fast"

Ah, the magic of editing. Here's a recent Telus commercial featuring the hippo theme from a few months back, along with a hare::

No big whoop. Fairly standard execution with a pitch and a demo of Hero phone features on the 3G+ network. The song is Pat Boone's "Speedy Gonzales" {1962}, which featured Mel Blanc, who did the voice of the Speedy Gonzales cartoon for Warner Brothers. Recently, the cartoon was derided as racist and was even banned by the Cartoon Network in the US from 1999-2002.

My music and the ad series has shown that music is often inserted into ads without regard for the lyrics in the entire song. I never heard this song until I saw the Telus commercial and now I know why it might be a tad radioactive::

"Speedy Gonzales" by Buddy Kaye, Ethel Lee, & David Hess
SPOKEN: It was a moonlit night in old Mexico. I walked alone between some old  adobe haciendas. Suddenly, I heard the plaintive cry of a young Mexican girl.   

You better come home, Speedy Gonzales
Away from tannery row
Stop alla your a-drinkin'
With that floozie named Flo
Come on home to your adobe
And slap some mud on the wall  
The roof is leakin' like a strainer  
There's lots of roaches in the hall   

Speedy Gonzales, why dontcha come home?  
Speedy Gonzales, how come ya leave me all alone? 

SPOKEN in a male Mexican accent {Speedy Gonzales}: "Hey, Rosita-I hafta go shopping downtown  for my mudder-she needs some tortillas and chili peppers."

Your doggy's gonna have a puppy
And we're runnin' outta Coke
No enchiladas in the icebox
And the television's broke 
I saw some lipstick on your sweatshirt
I smelled some perfume in your ear
Well if you're gonna keep on messin'
Don't bring your business back a-here   
Mmm, Speedy Gonzales, why dontcha come home?
Speedy Gonzales, how come ya leave me all alone?   

SPOKEN in a male Mexican accent {Speedy Gonzales}: "Hey, Rosita-come queek-down at the cantina  they giving green stamps with tequila!!"  

Twitterversion:: #Music_and_the_ad Telus in Canada's Hippo vs. Hare "Fast" ad uses PC portions of Pat Boone's un-PC "Speedy Gonzales" @Prof_K

Songs:: Pat Boone and Peppino di Capri-"Speedy Gonzales"

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