Monday, March 22, 2010

newmusicmonday #35 :: Fanshaw

Image:: Cover art for Fanshaw's 'Dark Eyes' album

Fanshaw {CBCr3} is this week's newmusicmonday selection. The musical persona of Olivia Fetherstonhaugh hails from Vancouver and has an album, 'Dark Eyes' {Mint Records-link to purchase},  that was just released on 9 February. There's a coolness to Fanshaw's sound with her shoegazey chanteusy vocals and well-crafted arrangements. 'Dark Eyes' is her first album and the songs were written over a 5 year period. From what I've heard {definitely check out the tracks on CBC Radio 3–there are 3 tracks listed but more live tracks if you go to to the concerts and sessions tab}, her songs are seamless without sounding overfussed. I have a thing for short songs and I thought many of her tracks were short, but after looking them up, most clock in between 3-4 minutes. For me, if a song seems long, I get restless, unless it really draws me in. Fanshaw's songs are often jam packed with interesting lyrics and arrangements, which did indeed draw me in. One of my favourite tracks is "O Sailor" with its drumming, horns, and anachronistic lyrics::

"I'll put my red lipstick on/and my Red Cross uniform/and then I'll go downtown town town..."

Here's a live performance of "Diana" the lead track from the album::

Fanshaw is on Twitter @fanshawmusic and tweets with personality! This tweet says she's shhoting a music video and going for a Suburban Lawns vibe.

Twitterversion:: #newmusicmonday blog this week is Fanshaw {@fanshawmusic} fr. Vancouver. Links and vid. Listened to 'O Sailor' 3x now. @Prof_K

Songs:: 'Vegas' & 'Paperboy'

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