Monday, March 29, 2010

newmusicmonday #36 :: Wye Oak

Image:: Wye Oak, from MySpace Music

This week's newmusicmonday is Baltimore band, Wye Oak {MySpace}. Started as Monarch in 2006, the indie folk duo took their name from the former honourary state tree of Maryland. While I can be a sucker for "blue state folk," I really like Wye Oak since they're not afraid to get loud.

Here's the début video "Please Concrete" from their début record, 'If Children'::

Here's "Warning" from 2008's SXSW::

You can sample tracks from their albums, If Children {2008} and The Knot {2009} here. They have a forthcoming EP due out in June, 'My Neighbor/My Creator' {See player below}. They are currently on tour in North America with Shearwater and will be in Montréal on 31 March, Toronto on 1 April, Chicago on 4 April, LA on 24 April, SF on 25 April, and Vancouver, BC on 28 April. There are many other dates not listed, so check the link.

Here's a more recent track from 'The Knot', "Siamese" {live at UNC Chapel Hill in July 2009}::

and "Milk and Honey" and "For Prayer" from the same show::

Twitterversion:: #newmusicmonday blog {now up to 36} featuring Wye Oak, blue state folk that occasionally rocks. On tour w/@ShearwaterBand. @Prof_K

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