Monday, March 22, 2010

uOttawa Muzzling Ann Coulter?

I found this story to be hi-larious. Ann Coulter was invited by the University of Ottawa Campus Conservatives to give a talk. I'm not sure on what topic, but it's a bold move given that Ann has been known to say of Canada that Canadians "are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent."

What Ann forgets is that her mouthy antics are the political equivalent of a Sarah Silverman & Andrew Dice Clay love child. The University of Ottawa Provost sent her an e-mail which she posted on Big Government. The anti-Canadian and apologist comments there are eye-roll worthy.

A Facebook group, BAN ANN COULTER FROM CAMPUS, with the following description::
"Ann Coulter has already been banned from Carleton University for her hateful, racist, sexist, and homophobic rhetoric and she is set to speak at the UofO tuesday, March 23rd.
Coulter, a Republican from the US, is known for her disgustingly hateful and oppressive comments attacking the Muslim faith as inherently violent and leading to terrorism, the Jewish faith by calling for its adherents to be converted and ‘perfected’, numerous ethnicities by advocating their expulsion from America; women for being incapable of reason or political engagement and much more. "
Ann Coulter can dish out the vitriol but she can't take it. She has zero rhetorical skills and can only manage weak attempts at deflection. Here's a video of her on MSNBC's Hardball a few years ago when Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards, called in and asked her to stop the personal attacks. Ann equated that with telling her to stop writing books.

This shows how ripe she is for the heckling, as she doesn't think well on her feet. 

Here's the email {below} sent to Ann, which she posted online. The "threat" of possible criminal charges was directly related to expressions of speech "promoting hatred against an identifiable group". The rest was civility this and respect that. All clicks and whistles to Ann, no doubt. The text is fuzzy, so click on image to see clearer version in a new window or see the original e-mail uploaded here.

The fact of the matter is that Ann has made a career out of low-grade snark and seems shocked when she's called out on it. While she has her fans, she needs to remember that she's made a career by being an abrasive clown who is hard to take seriously and not everyone appreciates the schtick.

Twitterversion:: Sarah Silverman+Andrew Dice Clay love child #AnnCoulter warned by uOttawa not to promote hate. Cue sad Pagliacci music.  @Prof_K

Song:: RUN-DMC-"You Talk Too Much"


Officer Mazaltoff said...

Hopefully London, aka The Littlest Hobo, will show up and give her some whatfor. How this woman manages to get any airtime, other than for the comedic value it presents, is beyond me.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

Ah, London. Indeed!

I think she needs to take a page out of Sascha Baron Cohen's playbook on how to be offensive AND funny. Her shrill nature makes me think she takes herself a bit too seriously as a "real" pundit and it's not all schtick.

I just did another blog here.