Thursday, April 08, 2010

Angela, Angela, & Gigi :: The Office's Angela Is Clairol's Guardian Girlfriend

Image:: Vidcap of a compilation montage of Angela Kinsey's character of Angela Martin on 
NBC's The Office. Click on image to play video in a new window.

I've been noticing these commercials for Nice n' Easy with this guardian angel girlfriend character advising women on their hair colour issues. I thought the commercials were a tad annoying, but I tend to mind most commercials annoying.

I never put 2 & 2 together that the actress playing Gigi, the guardian angel girlfriend was Angela Kinsey, who plays the judgmental sourpuss Angela Martin on NBC's The Office. She's "accountinglady" on MySpace, but isn't on there regularly—who is, right? Here are a few of the commercials, which have been airing since mid-2009::

Here's a blooper reel::

an "in-character" interview::

and a straight interview::

I think this was a brilliant move for Kinsey, as it showcases her comedic abilities beyond her character on The Office and hopefully keeps her from being typecast. It's funny, as now I know it's "Angela Martin", I find these commercials far less annoying.

Twitterversion:: Just put together that Angela from The Office is Gigi in Clairol's Nice 'n Easy commercials, which I see as a brilliant career move. @Prof_K

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