Friday, April 23, 2010

AT&T Hates Rogers :: More #ATTFail

Update {4 May 2010, 7:13 EDT}:: A subsequent test with a US proxy IP shows this it NOT an ATT-Rogers issue.

I have been testing the parameters of e-mailing via MMS and the iPhone 3G on AT&T. I've been sending e-mails to multiple destinations from Rogers to AT&T and all of a sudden, fail, regardless of the webhost, while using POP or IMAP. My Rogers IP isn't loved. 

Trying to get to the bottom of this. AT&T has been friendly, but ultimately unhelpful thus far. More on this as it develops.

Twitterversion:: Testing parameters of MMS on iPhone for a project, but all of a sudden, Rogers IP has been blocked. @Prof_K

Song:: Figurine-'An Electronic Address'

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