Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Best Party Leader to Grab a Beer With

Jack Layton, NDP Leader

Last week, EKOS published a poll on the preferred party leader to grab a beer with, a crude measure of "likability".  Lo and behold, Jack Layton was the winner. Here's the breakdown::

Layton is particularly popular in Québec and Atlantic Canada, as well as with university grads. Liberals chose Layton over Ignatieff by 1%, but this is within the margin of error, so it's a statistical tie.

Hey, where's Elizabeth May and Gilles Duceppe? 

Now, if I were running the polling, I'd ask which beer one would want to share with their leader of choice. I must admit I wouldn't mind heading down to the Danforth and having a beer with Jack, after finding a pub that has the offerings in the Ontario Brewers' Discover Pack #4. Flying Monkeys' Hoptical Illusion sounds really good. This got me thinking that I need to get one of these at the LCBO before they're sold out here in central Toronto.

I guess the next on my list would be Gilles Duceppe and Elizabeth May, as I consider both to be interesting people. I'd get a Barberie with Gilles and a hemp-based Millennium Buzz with Elizabeth. I think it's organic. Hmmm, I guess I'd get something snooty from the States or the UK with Michael Ignatieff. Harper? I guess a Lakeport or perhaps a piss-warm Chango, à la Desperado {1995}.

Twitterversion:: Which Canadian political leader do Canadians want to have a beer with? EKOS {sort of} has the answer. But, which beer? @Prof_K

Song:: Chumbawumba-'I Get Knocked Down'

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Officer Mazaltoff said...

I'd pick Harper, but only if he wore that blue sweater of his and brought along a kitten to stroke while we drank.