Monday, April 12, 2010

CoCo & Canada's CRTC

image:: Conan O’Brien’s & Finland’s President Tarja Halonen, Shana Ting Lipton

Variety has a good article on Conan's move to TBS and will have the 11pm slot M-Th, starting in November. George Lopez, who has a show currently on TBS at 11 and will move to midnight, was apparently instrumental in persuading O'Brien.

As I've said before, I'm not a huge fan of his brand of comedy, but I think this makes a lot of sense for him. In January, I blogged about his last days at NBC and while the LA Times thought he should go to Comedy Central {pretty crowded over there}, I thought pay cable might be an option. Given that TBS is branding itself with comedy, using the slogan "very funny",  and getting more into original programming, hopefully this will be a better environment than the broadcast networks with higher ratings expectations and a shaky revenue model.

On a sidenote, Craig Ferguson had an interesting observation last month on the whole NBC/Conan/Leno fiasco::
"Look at the terrible thing that happened to Conan when Conan tried to do what Jay Leno does...Conan shouldn't do that. He doesn't do what Jay Leno does. Jay Leno does what Jay Leno does. And then when (Conan) started doing what Conan does, it was too late."
Here in Toronto on Rogers, there's no TBS. The sister station Peachtree, WPCH, is available, but has a different lineup. I thought WPCH was the same as TBS, just a local feed, but that never made sense, as when I saw TBS in Berkeley {California}, it looked like a national cable channel, not a superstation. Here's what Wikipedia has to say::
"Due to a CRTC technicality, cable and satellite companies in Canada are only permitted to carry the over-the-air Atlanta station, and therefore most now carry WPCH ("Peachtree TV") instead of the nationwide TBS channel that American viewers receive. This dated back to prior to the change, when TBS programming was offered to Canadian viewers through WTBS, not the national cable channel. Many cable companies were apparently unaware of the changeover until after it occurred. As a result, should Canadian cable companies wish to air "cable" TBS, it will be several months before the necessary approvals are received. "
Ah, the CRTC. Here's an interesting point from a comment on
"I don't get why we get Peachtree TV though. The only reason for carrying it before was so we could get TBS here in Canada. Now I really don't get the point."
Twitterversion:: Conan O'Brien off to join George Lopez on TBS. Thanks to CRTC, most cable companies in Canada carry Peachtree, not TBS. @Prof_K

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Kenneth M. Kambara said...

Now that I think about it, The Tonight Show w/Conan was on the A channel on Rogers here in TO. I'm assuming if the ratings are there, Lopez and Conan will get picked up by one of the Canadian networks.