Tuesday, April 06, 2010

CSI: Toronto, Chocolate Bunny Wrongful Death?

One day you're hopping around at Laura Secord and the next, you're a statistic. Here's a scene with some descriptive forensic notes.
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Dismemberment
Sound like foul play?

Well, just like in the real CSIs there's a twist!

Here's a shot taken before the one above. Note the bunny body being intact and the chocolate residue::

Here's another angle. Note the fluid dynamics of the chocolate exoskeleton and the shear fractures::

Relatively high ambient temperatures on the 401 from Kingston to Toronto resulted in softening of the relatively thin chocolatey exoskeleton. When the bunny was dropped, the soft chocolate folded the bunny onto itself. The bunny was given cryotherapy to stabilize the skeletal structure, but crude rescue attempts resulted in shattering, dismemberment, and severed ears. The bunny was not covered by OHIP.

Twitterversion:: CSI: Toronto-chocolate bunny wrongful death? You be the judge. http://vox.rhizomicon.com/2010/04/csi-toronto-chocolate-bunny-wrongful.html @Prof_K

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