Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Facebook :: Privacy Will Be the Users' Responsibility...


I've complained {even today} about Facebook's eschewing of an open social graph. I thought it was limiting of the potential of social networking technology. Today, at the F8 Developer's Conference they announced that they are moving towards an open social graph. Here's what Facebook's Open Graph is all about::
"Zuckerberg and Taylor described a concept called 'Open Graph' that will be useful to businesses and services. On Facebook, users are connected to people they know, as well as public figures, services and products they like; Facebook’s new platform will allow websites and apps to share this information with each other.  When you connect to sites like Yelp via your Facebook profile, Yelp will have access to any information you’ve made publicly available about your favorite foods or favorite bands, and will be able to take that into account when giving you information about restaurants or music venues. For example, Yelp could pull information about your favorite music from data that Pandora added to the graph when you favorited a song on its site."
The big user implication is privacy and the big implication for Facebook {and those in its ecosystem} is letting users know what the default settings are, in order to avoid a Google Buzz-like privacy backlash. This is from Mashable::
"Public no longer means 'public on Facebook,' it means 'public in the Facebook ecosystem.' Some companies, like Pandora, are going to go to great lengths to allow users to separate or opt out of linking their Pandora and Facebook accounts together, but users can’t expect all apps and sites to take that approach. My advice to you: Be aware of your privacy settings."
I think this is a necessary step to ensure that the Facebook platform fosters social media innovation. Naturally, users will make mistakes and what was meant to be "private" will be public. Whinging. Pissing and moaning. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

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