Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Night Video :: Laura Barrett

Torontonian Laura Barrett plays the kalimba, which I find to be cool, but I have a thing for more obscure instruments. I remember being in high school trying to find out more information about the tabla. On her CBC Radio3 profile, she describes her sound as folk/trance and is in The Hidden Cameras, who are currently on tour in Europe.

Here are two videos from live performances. Here's "Consumption" from a 2008 CD release party::

This is "Robot Ponies" with Rebekah Higgs from last year::

Here's one of my favourites, "Wood Between Worlds", also from last year::

Twitterversion:: #Fridaynightvideos feat.2 from @barrettlaura hailing fr. #Toronto. "Consumption", "Robot Ponies", & "Wood Between Worlds" @Prof_K

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