Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Guergis Flew & Harper Knew"

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This blog's title is a reference to the film, Turk 182! {1985}, which starred Timothy Hutton, Kim Cattrall, and Robert Culp, which I've always been fond of. In the film, the mayor of New York {Tyler}, who is seeling re-election, orchestrated the cover-up of a brewing scandal involving the public works commissioner {Zimmerman} who fled the country to avoid prosecution. Vandals tried to embarrass the mayor with the graffiti, "Zimmerman Flew, Tyler Knew", while giving an anti-graffiti speech. The protagonist sees this, who is trying to get the City to help pay his firefighter brother's medical bills after he was injured saving a child off-duty, goes on  a campaign to remind voters of the scandal and implicate the mayor.

Currently, there is something not right in the PMO. Harper knows something about Helena Guergis, but he's not letting on what it is. He forced her, a fellow Conservative, to resign her cabinet position and turfed her from the Conservative caucus. He also informed the RCMP and the Ethics Commissioner of some transgression. Sounds ominous. The Ethics Commissioner failed to find a reason to investigate Guergis and will be dropping the matter. I have a suspicion that the RCMP won't be finding anything that will implicate Guergis, but that's just speculation on my part. Why all of the drama?

While it's come out that Guergis and her husband, Rahim Jaffer, an ex-Conservative MP, are on the outs with Harper and some Conservatives, this is an extreme way to clean house. I get a sense that these theatrics are preemptive strikes to limit potential blowback in case something leaks out. What is that something? Are shredders working overtime on Parliament Hill this very minute à la Ollie North? I have a suspicion that whatever it is, it may not be not illegal, but potentially embarrassing to the Harper government. Serving up Guergis as a sacrificial lamb and placing the matter in the hands of the RCMP is shrewd, as it takes the heat off of Harper, regarding what he knows about Guergis and/or Jaffer. The Globe & Mail bought it. Shut up and let the cops sort out this business. Let the story die down, or else...the boy who cried prorogue might lock you bastards out of Parliament again.

Transparency has been a problem with the Harper government and hopefully there's pressure on him to come clean about what's this all about. It's time for a Canadian Turk 182 and perhaps Ignatieff, Layton, and Duceppe will take the lead on that role. If this all turns out to be posturing to not look bad {at best} or a smokescreen to veil improprieties, this doesn't bode well for the Conservatives.

Twitterversion:: "Guergis Flew & Harper Knew"-What does Harper know that he's not sharing. Shoving matter on RCMP may be shrewd, but will it ultimately backfire? Prorogue, anyone?

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