Thursday, April 22, 2010

iPhone & Android

I've been in meetings for a social media startup trying to nail down a mobile web strategy for a social media app. I've been watching how Android is catching fire, but I wasn't aware of iPhone stagnation {above}, as per February usage numbers from Admob via arstechnica. iPhone and Android are neck and neck. Globally, a gap persists, but iPhone is stalling at 50%, while Android usage steadily increases::

The combination of iPhone and Android represent 80% and 70% of mobile web OS usage {not hardware units} market share in the US and globally, respectively.

On another note, I saw a demo of a hack that allows the Androis OS to run on a 2G iPhone on Planetbeing's blog::

I'm all about choice and options, so I'm in favour of this. The battle between Google's Android and Apple's iPhone pits an open innovation model versus a closed one, respectively. Apple claims that the closed system allows for an optimized user experience, along with the not so "fringe" benefit of controlling how money is made on the platform.

Our decisions are to currently focus on the iPhone platform for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, as well as Android. Here's a video for developers on Android 2.0::

Other issues have to do with Flash, or not using it, and HTML5 and Java, which I'll be addressing in later blogs.

Twitterversion:: Stats on market share of mobile web OS & squaring off of Google's Android & Apple's iPhone for dominance, US & globally.  @Prof_K

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