Saturday, April 03, 2010

Karyn Ellis

Another CBCr3 find, Karyn Ellis {CBCr3, MySp} who hails from from Toronto, who has aptly been billed as a sweet songstress. There are quite a few songs streamed on her CBCr3, as well as the following videos {click on images to play in a new window}.

This video for "Be My Girl" was shot in Trinity Bellwoods Park::

Last November she released her second full-length record, 'Even Though The Sky Was Falling' {link to CDBaby}, which she co-produced with Don Kerr, who was a member of the Rheostatics and plays with the Hidden Cameras, featured on newmusicmonday#19. Here's a listing of upcoming Ontario tourdates, with two in Québec.

She has a Paypal link on her site with a sensible plea::
I actually think she would be a great candidate for a Kickstarter campaign.

Twitterversion:: Folksy pop fr. Toronto, @karyn_ellis' music videos via CBC Radio 3 is worth checking out. Upcoming tour dates in ON & QC.

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