Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Music & the Ad:: Dee Edwards & Adidas

image:: Dee Edwards single for "Why Can't There be Love", from In Dangerous Rhythm

This Dee Edwards classic of "Why Can't There Be Love" {1972} is Detroit 70s soul that would feel right at home in a Tarantino flick. The Adidas ad remix by Pilooski is being used for their "Celebrating Originality on the Streets" campaign. Sadly, dee passed away in 2006 from a heart attack at age 60.

The 15" spot::

The 30" spot::

The 60" spot::

#Music_and_TheAd features 70s Detroit soul sounds Dee Edwards w/ Pilooski remix of "Why Can't There Be Love" for Adidas.  @Prof_K

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