Thursday, April 29, 2010

Music & the Ad :: Emilie Mover & McDonald's Minis

image:: Emilie Mover, from

Torontonian Emilie Mover {MySpace} has been an indie darling of sorts, with two songs on Gray's Anatomy {"Brand New" & "Ordinary Day"}, a Sears commercial, a Telus Ad with the meerkats with "That Song", and the following McDonald's McMinis ad with "Made for Each Other"::

Here's a Telus "Domino" ad from 2008 with "That Song"::

and another with "No Hill Too High"::

Here's the Sears ad from 2009 with "Brand New"::

Here's a non-commercial Emilie video for "No Words" with animation does by  Alex Produkt and Kathleen Weldon::

Emilie's voice and music has a very likeable sound with jazzy, folksy overtones. She has three CDs, including a new release, on CDBaby {also iTunes} and two upcoming tour dates in Toronto in May at Holy Oak {out by Bloor/Landsdowne}.

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