Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MySpace Events & Calendar Screenshots :: Social Portal & Possibilities

It looks like MySpace has worked a few kinks out of their new events and calendar functions unveiled last week. Currently, there's not much granularity for Toronto. Events are for all of Ontario, which can be unwieldy at 193 events for 21 April::

It doesn't seem like the listings are being optimized by mining my band "friends" on MySpace Music or providing me with reccos, but I'd imagine that's in the works. TechCrunch says that the future will involve "mobile access, concert notifications and movies and DVD releases and premiers."

Here's how the listings look now::

and the calendar, which can import events from Facebook::

Definitely a step in the right direction. The rise of mobile and the increasing prevalence of the combination of features that help users structure face-to-face interactions will be pressuring Facebook and all social networking sites to innovate. I think one of the downfalls of Facebook is that it doesn't readily foster communities, just cliques and clusters. While a bunch of users can follow a band, a cause, or an organization, the social dynamics of Facebook don't encourage interacting with and friending people outside one's existing social network {social graph}. Facebook really is about setting up extensions of the private sphere in a quasi-public space and fostering more {deeper} interactivity with a smaller number. I think Facebook serves up value for many, but ultimately is limiting possibilities. On the other hand, a social portal can foster interactions along affinities, potentially opening up the social graph to people further outside one's past and present social networks {broadening}.

Twitterversion:: MySpace's events & calendar increase functionality & highlight utility of social portals along the lines of affinities. @Prof_K

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