Thursday, April 15, 2010

New EKOS Canadian Poll :: Fumbling towards Resiliency

The latest EKOS poll has the Liberals and Conservatives in a statistical tie. In belwether Ontario, the Liberals are at 36.6% to the Conservatives 31.1%. The parties were statistically tied at the beginning of the month in Ontario. 

Harper's Conservatives have managed to remain resilient since the 2008 election. Are they shrewd or have the Liberals been in disarray? The polls show they are relatively easy to derail, but can the Liberals sustain the heat and get some momentum behind them?

Twitterversion:: New EKOS poll shows Conservatives Guergisized & poss. Afghanistanned, but historically resilient since 2008. @Prof_K

Song:: Steely Dan-'More of the Same'

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