Monday, April 12, 2010

newmusicmonday #38 :: Hannah Georgas

image:: Hannah Georgas at Rivoli for NXNE on MySpace, by Jessica Langenberg

This newmusicmonday will have to be short, as finally finishing my convoluted taxes put me behind on a sustainability grant proposal. Vancouverite Hannah Georgas is CBCr3 find with folk-tinged indie pop that's perfect for this Ontario springtime that's not quite sprung. 

She made an interesting observation. She said that she listens more than she speaks, which makes her a good songwriter. Listening to her songs and the rich details she provides does evoke an introvert's gaze. 

Here's a quick clip of her performing with fellow Vancouverites, Said the Whale, on Parliament Hill last Canada Day. There's a bit of shakycam, which I think is an homage to the filmmaking of Kathryn Bigelow::

Here's a shorter clip for the ADD-inclined::

I like this mellow song, "The Beat Stuff"

and many might recall this tune of her's from these Wal*Mart commercials, which turned into a song, "You've Got a Place Called Home"::

She's going to be touring across Canada and here are some selected dates::
  • 22 April in Wakefield, QC-The Blacksheep Inn
  • 23 April in Montréal-La Sala Rossa
  • 25 April in Peterborough, ON-The Red Dog
  • 26 April in Toronto-The Garrison
  • 27 April in Toronto-Criminal Records
  • 12 May in Winnipeg-West End Cultural Centre
  • 22 May in Vancouver-The Venue
  • others here

The player has songs from a live performance from last January at St. James Hall, which I do believe is in Kits, but I'll defer to Officer M. on this. I also like "Bang Bang You're Dead" that's on the CBCr3 link, which reminds me of the pop fun of The Bird and the Bee.

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Officer Mazaltoff said...

You are correct, St James Hall is in Kits, though I've never been there.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

I almost moved to Kits in '92. The rent was crazy, even back then.

linnyqat said...

Bang Bang You're Dead is this week's iTunes free song (on the Canadian version, anyway). I thought I remembered her name from your blog. I previewed the whole album on iTunes (clips). I like her.