Monday, April 19, 2010

newmusicmonday #39 :: Handsome Furs

image:: Handsome Furs, Chicago at Schubas, from MySpace

Billed as synth-punk, this week's newmusicmonday is Montréal's Handsome Furs {MySpacewikipedia, CBCr3, SubPop}. The band is a CBC Radio 3 find and is a duo consisting of Dan Boeckner {Wolf Parade} and Alexei Perry. The sound is more stripped-down than Wolf Parade and I like the energy of their faster tempo songs, such as last year's "I'm Confused"::

and "Thy Will Be Done"::

"All We Want Baby Is Everything" reminds me of the brilliance of New Order's best work, particularly the fuzzy guitarwork::

The player has selected songs from their œuvre that struck a chord for some reason or another. While I initially gravitated towards their faster stuff, I've found slower tracks grew on me with repeated listens. the only upcoming show listed thus far is in Bogotá in June.

Twitterversion:: @subpop's Handsome Furs from #Montreal are this week's #newmusicmonday. Videos & streamed songs galore.

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