Monday, April 26, 2010

Newmusicmonday #40 :: Kate Nash

image:: Kate Nash, from MySpace

This 40th. instalment features UK artist Kate Nash {MySpace}. She was playing tonight here in Toronto at the Mod Club, but I had too much going on, which is a recurring theme. I've been seeing ads for her new album on AUX with snippets of her "Do Wah Doo" video::

Many might recall her #2 UK hit, "Foundations" from 2007::

Her 2007 album "Made of Bricks" went to #1 and also went platinum. Success and fame made things a bit rough for her, but it looks like she's managing to avoid being a star in trainwreck theatre. Her songs are indie pop, but lyrically her songs are interesting and complex. Not surprisingly, it looks like she's the darling of indie hipster crowds, as she's selling out shows at The Bowery and in Williamsburg on her latest tour. Upcoming US dates include Boston {sold out}, NYC x2 {sold out}, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, SF, & LA, before she heads off to Europe. Toronto was her only Canadian date on this tour. 

Her new album, "My Best Friend Is You" is out, along with the single, "Do Wah Doo".

Twitterversion:: @kate_nashmusic is this week's #newmusicmonday. New album out & on tour in US & EUR. Video clips. @Prof_K

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