Monday, April 12, 2010

The Perfect Star for Apple's iPad Commercials...

image:: Steve Jobs with his precious, CBC

No, not Steve. This one's a freebie to sketch comedy writers everywhere -or- Chiat/Day, if they want to get really edgy. The current iPad commercial is a whole lot of OK, featuring The Blue Van. This makes me checkle, as when I was at university, my friend Scott and I would "tailgate" in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium and he would be constantly on the lookout for the "blue van" of ballpark security. It always made me laugh, since the Dodgers used the colour blue profusely in their marketing and branding, which included the security team watching for illegal alcohol consumption. Anyway.

I've blogged about the iPad quite a bit and until more content is out there, it's an inglouriously oversized iTouch. Don't get me wrong, I've surfed the Apple site and it looks like interesting technology with a lot of eye candy appeal, but not something I need.

OK, enough buildup already. I think the perfect spokesperson or fauxmercial spoof would be Flava Flav with his oversized clock fetish::

The idea would be Flava sporting an iPad as part of his oversize fetish. The perfect song is when he was featured on De La Soul's "Come On Down"...

Song:: De La Soul featuring Flava Flav 'Come On Down'

I can see and hear it now.
"Check one two, check one two De La Soul, is now back on the map...Long Island, is now back on the map Good rap music, is now back on the map Yo check one two, this is the voice of yours truly the Flava Flav And I just want y'all to know, we ain't goin nowhere Old school is here to stay BOY!"
These shoutouts to cities could be integrated with shots relating to them on iPad apps—that don't need Flash or Java. Heh.
"Music (c'mon) New York (c'mon) Detroit (c'mon) c'mon down! Miami (c'mon) L.A. (c'mon) Vegas (c'mon) c'mon down! Boston (c'mon) Tucson (c'mon) Long Island (c'mon) c'mon down! V.A. (c'mon) Portland (c'mon) Chi-Town (c'mon) c'mon down!...
D.C. (c'mon) Oakland (c'mon) U.K. (c'mon) c'mon down! New Orleans (c'mon) Little Rock (c'mon) B-More (c'mon) c'mon down! Memphis (c'mon) Utah (c'mon) Jersey (c'mon) c'mon down! Atlanta (c'mon) Brooklyn (c'mon) Philly (c'mon) c'mon down!"

Twitterversion:: Apple iPad seems like an oversized iTouch. The perfect star of the next ad campaign is... @Prof_K

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