Saturday, April 03, 2010

Pixar's A Colon Story!

Back when I was teaching marketing strategy, I wrote and taught a minicase on Pixar Studios {2003-5}. Pixar technology is analogous to 3-D puppetry and algorithms are developed and refined to reflect motion, shading, textures, etc. A recent Wired article by Erin Biba described how a UCSF radiologist, Richard Breiman, is using 3D technology developed by Pixar to visualize the body, using data from CT scans. Breiman notes that this technology could make surgeons obsolete, as the visualizations could be used to help program robots to do the dirty work.

I've been reading up on medical applications of nanootechnologies recently and it strikes me that nanotechnology imaging and Pixar technology could offer powerful analytical tools to track flows and uptake. I've been researching the use of nanotechnology diagnostics in field samples and stumbled on recent discussions of quantum dots' use as agents in imaging. For example, quantum dots can help map how cells move through the body, e.g., the lymph system, which could aid oncologists' diagnostics.

Twitterversion:: Pixar technology being used to visualize the body video game style using CT Scan data via Wired. Thoughts on nanoimaging. @Prof_K

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