Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Image:: Pizzachuck, from Kingston, ON Shoppers Drug Mart

I don't think this has ever been featured in a Trailer Park Boys episode or movie—but it should be. Pizzachuck is the magical collision of processed foodstuffs, 24 hour drug stores with fridge cases, and those shopping on the basis of price per 100g. Despite other options available at 8PM on a Good Friday, I just had to try it.

Basically, the Pizzachuck "sub sandwich" is a hot dog bun, mozzarellaesque cheese, pepperoni, and a marinara sauce of sorts, vacuum-packed and sold in 4s for under $3. They were layered in a way that kept them from getting soggy. It's standard fare for the genre, which I call "bachelor & 420-friendly". Relatively cheap with overly-processed textures and flavours.

Trust me, stick with the generic-tasting caesar salad.

Twitterversion:: Perusing the deli case at Shoppers Drug Mart results in Pizzachuck! I dub the category: bachelor & 420-friendly foodstuffs. @Prof_K

Song:: Quick and Dirty-'subway, pizza, sex, and work'

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linnyqat said...

One weekend with my family yields two blogs about food-like substances. Where is the calorie count? How about a follow-up blog handicapping this year's Dancing With The Stars and/or The Biggest Loser competitions? Perhaps a run-down on Pay-Per-View porn selections, as read out to the room by my stepfather? Why did we ever leave?