Friday, April 23, 2010

Privacy, CCTV, & the Lash

While being "watched" or perceptions thereof can cause some to act in a normative fashion, à la the panopticon, I'm not convinced the threat of surveillance will result in a significant reduction in crime, which is being mulled over in the UK. I'm also wary of how private video is used in criminal cases, in terms of how it is presented/explained as evidence and who is verifying that it's undoctored. The interpretation of videos fall into the realm of the "management" of the spectacle through the synopticon, the many watching the few. We the masses get seduced by watching the dramaturgy of the images of the panopticon, actively seeking the next epic fail. This highlights the tensions between the power of those with the cameras, those controlling how images are interpreted, and those doing the interpreting.

I've blogged about the Michael Bryant-Darcy Sheppard incident, but I must admit that I cannot tell what's going on in the video::


CCTV may be increasingly ubiquitous & great for LOLs & ROTFLMAOs,but is it really a good crime deterrent & evidence tool? Prof_K 

Song:: Hard Fi-'Stars of CCTV'

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