Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teens & Mobile :: New Pew Internet Report

image:: percentage of teens, 12-17, using each communication modality to contact their friends daily

A new Pew Internet report is out today on teens and mobile phone usage, which I watch to see emerging usage trends. Not surprising is the rise of the use of texting. My opinion is that there will be an overall trend where MMS will increasingly converge into mobile and web communications, using text, images, video, sound, etc. The great appeal of text messaging is that it allows for synchronous or asynchronous communications. The relatively flat usage of social networking isn't too surprising to me and social networking sites should be thinking of ways to better appeal to mobile. Not to flog a dead horse, but this is why I think there are opportunities for social portals that help to structure face-to-face activities and facilitate the converging of the web and mobile. Teens use of mobile texting also explains the lack of interest in Twitter (microblogging) and blogging.

Twitterversion:: New Pew Internet study on teens and mobile {link} & thoughts on usage trends & mobile/web convergence of communication technologies. @Prof_K

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