Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tips & Tricks:: Google Replay Allows Sarching the Twitter Archive

image:: screencap of Google Replay search for "C-311" {Canadian bill in the House of Commons}

A new feature Google is rolling out will allow access to archived Tweets. Here's the link to the above search. Google Replay uses the "real time" search algorithm and will eventually allow users to search for tweets in a given time range. I did a search for "C-311" to see the Twitter activity surrounding the NDP's Climate Change bill {above}. My tweet linking to a newspaper article with "@" replied to three NDP MPs was on the list. Going backwards, the archive only goes to February 2010 for now.

The Library of Congress announced it will archive tweets going back to March of 2006. The details of this have yet yo be divulged, but some predict privacy concerns erupting over this.

At any rate, in the near future you'll be able to search for the birth of a meme. For example, with the timeline, you can see the rise of the "Tiger Woods/dad Nike" commercial meme::

Twitterversion:: Google Replay will allow real time searches of the Twitter archive. @Prof_K

Song:: Squeeze-'Library Girl'

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