Monday, April 19, 2010

/tou'zəl/ or /tou'səl/ Me Softly?

I've been in on several conversations where this Canadian ad bugged people, particularly her pronunciation of "tousle". The actor in it is Maggie Sands and to my ear, her speech throughout sounds a bit affected. I hear "rahk starr" and "technahlogy"...and her "tousle" sounds like it has an extra "s" or two in it. The pronunciation on two dictionary sites {d, free} says it should be pronounced with a zed, as in tou-zəl.

Nevertheless, I wonder if the ad is effective {perhaps inadvertently}, as it causes people to discuss the ad because of the pronunciation.

Twitterversion:: Canadian ad for Herbal Essences "Tousle Me Softly" rubs some people the wrong way w/pronunciation, but is it effective?

Song:: Laurie Anderson-'Language Is a Virus'

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