Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Visualizing US Job Loss

image:: map of job gains/losses, 2007-2009 {click on image to open map in a new window}

I've been compiling information on the structural issues of the US economy and also looking at visualizations {compendium, hat tip:: José}, including this one from My concerns are that good paying jobs might be slow to recover and some may be permanently gone. The finance industry was supported by other sectors, creating a domino effect. Moreover, what I see is a lack of innovation that could spur new job creation. Finally, the real estate bubble was fueling the construction sector, which employed many with decent paying jobs.

Here's another map. It had data to January 2010, but due to programming issues it currently goes to just July of 2009.

Twitterversion:: Job loss map of the US shows the labour hemorrhaging in the Big Recession. @Prof_K

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