Sunday, April 18, 2010

"You Wouldn't Make Fun of It If You Tried It..."

image:: Aqua Velva, from wetdarkandwild

Getting some work done here in Toronto and catching up on emails, I switched from the Jays losing to the Los Angeles Angels of Disneyland to Zodiac {2007}. In Zodiac, the drink of choice of true crime author Robert Graysmith {Jake Gyllenhaal}, obsessed with figuring out who the zodiac killer is, is an Aqua Velva. True crime reporter Paul Avery {Robert Downey Jr.} scoffingly asks what Graysmith is drinking, who responds, "You Wouldn't Make Fun of It If You Tried It," and subsequently makes a convert. Here's two recipes from NCBartender. All of my "liquor cabinet" is in California, but I don't think I've ever had blue curaçao on hand. Technically, I do believe that it should be served in an old fashioned glass, not a hurricane, but it makes for better cinema::

Some of you may remember the Aqua Velva after shave and cologne. The ads featured Pete Rose and in the late 70s, Steve Garvey::

Twitterversion:: Robert Graysmith to Paul Avery on an Aqua Velva:: "You Wouldn't Make Fun of It If You Tried It..." @Prof_K

Song:: Donovan-'Hurdy Gurdy Man'

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