Thursday, April 29, 2010

YYZ to SFO :: Increased Competition from Virgin America

I've flown many a time from California {LAX or SFO} to Pearson over the years. While I prefer non-stops, my favourite flight was going from LA up to Calgary and across to Toronto on WestJet. I just saw a promoted Tweet {if you search for Toronto} announcing Virgin America starting service on 23 June between LAX & SFO to YYZ, including an early morning non-stop. The only other airline that offers non-stops is Air Canada, which codeshares flights with United.  Actually, this article reminded me that United and American fly non-stops from Toronto to Los Angeles and United flies non-stops to San Francisco, in addition to Air Canada, respectively.

The increased competition should reduce fares and I'm quite curious what the service is like on Virgin America. I expect so little from Air Canada that I've been pleasantly surprised by them over the years. The number of flights that Air Canada has between California and Toronto is a grudging bonus, but if I had my druthers I'd fly WestJet.  The best was when WestJet flew nonstops from LAX to YYZ.

Currently, it looks like all carriers have similar pricing for early summer at around the $515-533 range "out the door" {including fees & taxes}. Virgin America will also be offering WiFi for about $13 for the duration of the flight.

Twitterversion:: @VirginAmerica offering new service on 23June b/t SFO&LAX to YYZ #Toronto, giving Air Canada stiff competition. @Prof_K

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