Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Checking Out Flowr

image:: screencap of flowr interface

I must admit I'm not 100% happy with my open-source, Drupal-based Intranet solution, Open Atrium. It's not horrible, but there are a few quirks that vex me from time to time, causing me to bug my webhost to change settings or enable more features on my control panel.

I saw a jbruin Tweet to a Mashable article on Flowr /floe-ur/. Mashable described Flowr as Facebook skinned and optimized for business. One of the key frustrations I have is meetings, particularly when I'm in North American Eastern time and I'm collaborating with team members in Pacific and Central, as well as European Central time. I like the ability to post to a wall ideas, questions, status updates, etc., allowing for cross-fertilization of ideas. There are groups, but I'm still toying with the settings and how to control who sees what. For us, it's not so much controlling information and knowledge, but limiting clutter and keeping the Intranet space relevant.

It's priced right. Free for up to 10 users, which works right now.

Here's a rah-rah video demo of Flowr. 

I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on it, but I must admit I like its usability, thus far. It's too bad, as I really wanted to support open source solutions, but we don't have a dedicated IT department, so we need to make do. I'm also a tad wary of storing sensitive documents there, but this isn't a dealbreaker, given out protocols on document security.

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Twitterversion:: [blog] Checking out #Flowr, a #Facebook-like tool for enterprises. I feel I'm letting open source down. via @jbruin @Prof_K

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