Thursday, May 27, 2010

Extreme Stunts & Social Media

Earlier, I was watching the Calgary feed of CTV and Dr. Phil is interviewing extreme teen underground stuntmen à la Jackass. I'm hoping each and every one of his guests thank him for the exposure and the increase in views from a Dr. Phil bump. Here's DoubleOAwesome's YouTube channel.

Dr. Phil's questions are classically inane like "what do you add to society with these stunts?" and just whipped out "it's stupid." Dr. Phil refused to mention one site where users dare each other to up the ante with stunts, but it was easy to find, since he mentioned the real name of one of the guys behind the site. Other guests include Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors and a firefighter explaining what happens what could happen when fire-related stunts go awry. The "voices of reason" on the show were trying to highlight how these stunts can have serious consequences and Dr. Phil was telling the parents of the underage thrillseekers they need to put the brakes on their kids' behaviour.

The web and social media are creating a "market" for these stunts. I half expect to hear stories about a media outrage about extreme stunts, just like —which is a whole different Opra...Dr. Phil show, but I think that will likely happen if there's a fatality that gets media coverage. If the story gets more attention, I could see pressure for legislation on extreme stunt sites and content, which I think could set a bad precedent and may drive the content further underground. I haven't read the actual Ohio bill that just passed that bans underage sexting, but it makes me wonder if what makes the Internet seem so much more of a concern than the non-digital equivalent {e.g., Polaroids or analog photos} is the immediacy and the ease of transmission of digital content.

What's interesting to me is how parents need to be hip to what their kids are engaging in on the web, but I wonder what will happen as the mobile web becomes more and more ubiquitous.

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