Monday, May 03, 2010

Figgy Duff

image:: ham with figgy duff, from rockrecipes

I have Newfoundland on my mind these days, which is AKA The Rock {here's Gros Morne, which looks like a big rock on The Rock}::

not to be confused with The Rock::

One of the dishes from Newfoundland is a boiled pudding called figgy duff, which has no figs but raisins. The dish can be traced back to the 16th. century and the European settlers (livyers) of the island from that era. Figgy duff can be boiled in a cloth pudding bag along with the savoury elements of a meal, e.g., root vegetables or salted beef for a jiggs dinner. Here's a recipe. The dessert figgy duff shouldn't be confused with the Newfoundland folk outfit Figgy Duff::

There's no tie to figgy duff and Duff Beer of The Simpsons fame::

Although it is said to be related to British spotted dick, a steamed suet pudding that is usually made with currants::

From the UK hails {Aimée} Duffy, a Welsh-born singer discovered by Jeanette Lee and Geoff Travis of Rough Trade fame::

Twitterversion:: Hyperlinking thoughts stemming from "figgy duff", a steamed pudding from #Newfoundland, which end up at Aimée Duffy.  @Prof_K

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