Monday, May 03, 2010

From the "So Bad It's Good" Files

image:: Estonian Air meal, cold Baltic herring, potato salad, rice, microwaved roll, and dessert "stuff"

I must admit that every so often I'm strangely attracted to bad foodstuffs, including overly processed and downright nasty. Case in point, Pizzachuck, which was from the "deli" case in a Kingston, ON Shoppers' Drug Mart. In any case, it's quite inconsistent with my desire to eat sustainable and organic foods

So, a chowhoundgta tweet from a few days ago linked to a HuffPo photo feature on worst airline meals. I never really see the point in trying to impress passengers with airline food that's going to be a challenge to get it right. The airline I've flown the most over the past decade has been JetBlue by far. Next would be Air Canada and WestJet. All of these just gave out snacks and I seem to recall buying a sandwich on an Air Canada flight that was OK. Not great, but not horrible. Porter had a simple box lunch with beer or wine, even on the short hop between Toronto Harbour and Newark::

Porter Airlines snack w/complimentary IPA, via PhotograFIST

It was nice getting a meal and it fit the bill perfectly. So, I think if you're going to offer food, it's best to frame expectations—low and exceed them.

Up at the top is a Estonian Air meal that resembles some form of rations. I would try it, but I must admit this looks like bad food that even I don't want any part of.

Here's some other HuffPo that caught my eye::

This is Air Botswana's offering of meat with vegetable something. What caught my eye was the flourescent green soda. I'd be all over that. In California, I recall seeing Jarritos lime soda. It was just ordinary tasting, but for some reason I liked that it looked like coolant::

This final shot even gave me pause. It's from Ukraine International.::

I remember industrial eggs from this one university's cafeteria and the above omelet reminded me of it. The vivid colour made me suspicious and envious at the same time. My eggs never turn out that vivid no matter what I do. This whole meal in the tin reminds me of this cheap delivery breakfast place in Spanish Harlem. Would I have tried the Ukraine International breakfast? In a heartbeat.

Twitterversion:: @chowhoundgta links to HuffPo photoessay on the 5 worst airline meals. Cues my occasional odd affinity for the marginal. @Prof_K

Song:: Eels-'Hospital Food'


linnyqat said...

Gah! I thought I would be stealth and delete my comment so I could spiff it up and now it just says I removed my own comment? Thanks a lot, Blogger. Narc.

Anyway, as I was saying: So you have a thing for glowing food, eh? Duly noted. Do you know a place where I could get some organic, sustainable food dye?

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

Try this link.

I'm all over vividly coloured foodstuffs, as if I'm eating my way through a VR-5 episode. Some faves...anything looking like mercurochrome. Orange drink and some variants of sweet and sour pork. Another one is an Aqua Velva. I'd make fun of it AND try it. I still haven't found anything that's luminous purple.