Tuesday, May 11, 2010

G20 Summit Casualty :: Phillies/Jays at Rogers Centre

I got an e-mail about an hour ago from the Blue Jays saying the late-June interleague series with the Phillies will be moved to Philadelphia because of the G20 Summit. The Rogers Cen...Skydome is within the security perimeter and while the series isn't the Yankees of the Red Sox, which tends to elicit bad fan behaviour, I'm sure the City of Toronto's worst nightmare is this::

coinciding with drunken rowdiness of the 500-level ilk::

Jays fans could have imparted antics for G20 protesters to use, such as streaking, which I don't think has been done::

The game will be a home game in Philly with the Jays batting last and the designated hitter used.

Song:: Kaiser Chiefs-'I Predict a Riot'

Twitterversion::  G20's latest casualty in #Toronto: Jays homestand moved 2 Philly.No perfect storm of protesting & drunken fan shenanigans. @Prof_K

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