Saturday, May 01, 2010

Having a Tea Party? :: Don't Serve Ham

image:: John Hargrave's "I Like Ham" sign, from

I stumbled across this hi-larious prank done at Tea Party rally in Boston. John Hargrave has a penchant for the ridiculous and wanted to have nonsensical signs at the rally which was to have Sarah Palin as a speaker. He even asked the community for suggestions. Well, when you have a ham sign at a political rally, you're neither fish nor fowl, particularly if you're not complaining about government pork—which is a whole different Oprah if you believe Obama is muslim. So, a liberal vegetarian had no use for ham and the conservative Tea Partygoers were not amused either.
"It was time to move into action. I lifted up my sign reading I LIKE HAM, high over my head. Now, this thing really was huge. I bought the largest foam board I could find at Staples, then pasted on enormous orange flourescent letters. The sign could be seen from space. I had it facing backwards, toward the crowd, so everyone could enjoy it, but apparently there was a lot of prejudice towards ham.  I heard a wave of chuckles, then murmuring, then an angry buzz. 'MOVE YOUR SIGN!' someone shouted a minute later. How could Tea Party members not like ham? I thought to myself, since it was clear that many of them ate it several times daily. They can't be talking to me."
Definitely check out his play-by-play, fitting since Sarah Palin rattled off all the major Boston sports teams in her speech, but let's just say there was a bit of drama::
"I clawed my way back up, determined to follow the guys hauling off my prank signs. The crowd was shouting at me now, shoving me forward. Someone ripped off my watch; someone else stole my hat. I luched forward, desperate to escape the melee. Mobbed to death at a Sarah Palin rally. That would be an embarrassing way to die."
The video doesn't do the altercation justice, but it is hard to film your own ass-whooping::

I am now wondering if God does indeed hate taxes. Oh, John noted that while he was mauled for his sign, this sign was just fine::

Twitterversion:: Hilarious @zugtweet prank @ a Boston Tea Party w/Sarah Palin shows liberals & conservatives both can share a hate of ham.  @Prof_K

Song:: Madness x 2 'Embarrassment' & 'Uncle Sam'

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