Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is That Some Yuppified Blunt You're Smoking? :: Nicorette Inhaler Ad

I've been seeing a version of the above UK ad here in Canada. You don't realize it's a Nicorette ad until the voiceover at the end. The UK version have wispy text notices that the device is a "stop smoking aid", but I don't recall seeing it on the ads here. It's not too prominent in the ad above. Can you blame them? Big tobacco sold the lifestyle of smoking and now big pharma is selling the lifestyle of quitting. The oh-so-cool retro ads just may make some "unintended" converts along the way. The cartridges will set you back a little over a loonie apiece and "quitters" are expected to use between 6-12 cartridges a day.

I would laugh so hard if the nicotine for smoking cessation products were extracted from big tobacco's...tobacco.

It all seems like a joke to me. Like when Undercover Brother posed as a marketing guy pitching The Fatty::

One blogger likened the UK's Inhalator to a tampon. Now I have that visual in my mind.

While I have been tempted by nicotine products as a non-smoker in the past {I'm not the only one...Jessica Simpson copped to it too}, I think I'll pass on The Fatty, I mean the Inhaler.

Song:: Hooverphonic-'Inhaler'

Twitterversion:: [blog+video] If it worked 4 big tobacco..Big pharma's lifestyle ads sell the "quitting" of "smoking" w/ Nicorette Inhaler @Prof_K

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