Saturday, May 08, 2010

John Paizs' "Crime Wave"

image:: Crime Wave {1985} poster, from houseofselfindulgence

Early this morning on IFC {before The Littlest Hobo comes on CTV}, I saw a documentary on John Paizs, the Winnipeg film director responsible for Crime Wave {1985}. The documentary discussed John's attention to detail and how being in Winnipeg was freeing, in terms of making a quirky film that's decidedly "out-there" poking fun at mainstream life.  This blog post on houseofindulgence does a great job of explaing the film and Paizs' work and I strongly recommend checking it out.

The documentary explained how Paizs fronted his own money to finish the film and then the film went into distribution limbo for a while. It was eventually released and was occasionally screened late nights on CBC and became a cult film. Unfortunately, it's not on DVD. Here's a clip of the film from ReelCanada::

An eyeweekly interview asked John::
The movie also remains very, very funny. Why do you think Crime Wave’s brand of humour has dated so well? 
"I see a lot of what I was doing in shows like The Simpsons or Family Guy. They’re always pushing the boundaries of good taste. And there are these sudden cutaways to something that relates to something that was just said, which is another technique I used in Crime Wave. Its humour was maybe a little bit ahead of the curve. That was completely uncalculated, though. I was really just trying to make myself laugh and this is the kind of humour that passed as such among me and my friends. "
Song:: Who Shot Hollywood-'Crimewave' {with clips of the film}

Twitterversion:: Homage to #Winnipeg director John Paisz' "Crime Wave" {1985}. @Prof_K

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