Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Long UK Tory Decline

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I've been following the 2010 UK election which is tomorrow. I saw this John Ross article on the long-term Conservative decline in the UK. The Tories are likely to have the most seats after tomorrow, have a shot at getting a majority of the seats, and the bookies are expecting a Conservative victory. Nevertheless, even if the Conservatives get the expected 35-40% of the national vote, the overall trend is downwards. The Thatcher-Major era in the 80s and 90s saw Conservative support only in the low 40s. Ross notes that the recent rise of Labour since 1997 has a lot to do with the Tories being unpopular. 
Also of interest is the rise of the Liberals/Liberal Democrats::
Just like the current situation in Canada, the electorate is fragmented and the major parties are having a hard time gaining support.  

Twitterversion:: Graphs by John Ross show decline trend in UK Tory support since 1930. Labour seesaws & Liberals trend up. @Prof_K  

Song:: The {English} Beat-'Stand Down Margaret' - Reference to Margaret Thatcher, Tory UK PM, 1979-1990

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