Saturday, May 29, 2010

Manchurian Candidate {2004}

image:: Liev Schreiber & Vera Farmiga, imdb

I just saw again Demme's 2004 version of The Manchurian Candidate, which may have been just a tad before it's time. It may have taken the financial collapse and the Big Recession for the mainstream to embrace the idea of sinister corporatist control. I thought the film was OK. There was something about the pacing that seemed to make it feel like it was plodding. The cast was fine {Denzel, Liev Schreiber, Meryl Streep}, but something wasn't quite gelling for me.

I was looking for a song that sounded very familiar. It was playing during the victory speech/assassination scene, but more on that later. In my searches, I found this trailer from the UK for the airing of the film on Channel 4. I find it interesting how films are promoted overseas. I thought this TV promo did a good job of making the film seem compelling::

I recently saw Cameron's True Lies {1994}, which I remember taking heat for its portrayal of Arabs. I thought a good name for the film in the Arab world would be Crimson Jihaad, the name of the terrorist group in the film, but I'd imagine the film/DVD probably would be a tough sell.

At any rate, here's the regular US theatrical trailer::

I found out the song that sounded familiar in the victory speech/assassination scene was by none other than The Kinks' "Better Things"::

covered by Fountains of Wayne::

Twitterversion:: [blog] Demme's '04 Manchurian Candidate remake & cover of The Kinks' "Better Things". @Prof_K

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