Sunday, May 02, 2010

Music & the Ad :: Rob Crow & Kingsford Charcoal

Slowmo Kingsford ad uses  a Rob Crow {of Pinback} cover of The Human League's "{Keep Feeling} Fascination" {below}. I think this ad is pretty high concept. The ad caught my ear, as I tried to place the song, but I'd be a little concerned that the message of "slowing down to enjoy life/summer" might be a bit of a stretch to sell charcoal. I'm not saying it's ineffective, but the high concept might dilute the message for the product category, i.e., I'm not sure how the ad will impact brand metrics. The slow motion video and low-key version of the song don't make an obvious connection to how charcoal makes food taste so good with carcinogenic goodness, which is the centrepiece for outdoor summer fun.

Here's a Pinback song::

Twitterversion:: #Music_and_TheAd "Slomo" Kingsford Charcoal commercial w/Rob Crow covering Human League's "{Keep Feeling} Fascination" @Prof_K


ajohns1388 said...

The commercial only caught my eye because I knew it was pinback and I have been a fan for years. I searched in order to reassure my belief that it was in fact one of the duo from pinback on the commercial. I must say I disagree with your opinion, the commercial obviously captures fun times, food, family, & outdoors. It captures the general picture of what grilling is all about. Definitely could have been better though.

mgmguy9958 said...

I agree with "ajohns1388". I had never heard of Rob Crow or Pinback, but the song caught my ear in the Kingsford commercial because I recognized that it was a cover of the original which is a favorite of mine. I love the remake and am now a fan of Pinback. The commercial also really made me want to replicate it, I wanted to be hanging in the back yard with close family and friends. I thought it was perfect. FYI, you can download the song here, take out the spaces and (dot)

http://w w w.singingserpent(dot)com/blog/2010/06/25/kingsford-charcoal-slo-mo/

Anonymous said...

Ya 2 years late but same thing love Pinback