Monday, May 03, 2010

Newmusicmonday #41 :: Peter Project

image:: Peter Project, from MySpace

Things are pretty steamy in Toronto. I went to the grocery store at 5AM and the stairwell felt tropical. Outside it was a balmy and damp 18ºC. For some reason, I think the weather is perfect for this week's newmusicmonday, Peter Project {CBCr3}. Mixing up hip-hop, synth pop, and samples from yesteryear, Peter Project, AKA Peter Chapman serves up music that lives up to his description "electro 60s a go go".

The "Fair and Square" video was directed by the Cobourg Boys, who also directed videos for The Bicycles, featured on newmusicmonday #6. The video is brilliant and Michel Gondryesque and perfect for the song::

Here's a live version of "Repetitive Stress Injury" with More or Les::

Peter's on Twitter and MySpace. Here's a gem from his MySpace blog::
"Circuit Bending is the new sampling. 
So yea. Maybe this is old news. 
Here's the thing. I'm getting so sick of expensive instruments. It's getting retarded. I worked in a vintage instrument store for 8 years and had my fill of gear. I watched prices rise, but now it's insane.  I managed to shell out for a few classics that I'm glad I got. But the thing is, So much of this stuff is played out!  When was the last time you heard a sound on a record that made you go "wow, that's fucked up"? I remember hearing the Rentals in high school and the synths blowing my mind. Or when I suddently realized that MPCs make stuff sound awesome. But now it's all so boring! I've been looking for new inspiring sounds, and the 2 things that have gotten my attention lately is Spectrasonics Omnisphere, which is a really cool found sound manipulation soft synth, which by now is in every TV show you've seen in the last 6 months. But it did open up my mind to making my own found sound library (which is all over Durham County Season 2, including a bowed lampshade!) but also in crappy keyboards. But even these are getting expensive, so I've started to dig even deeper.

Yesterday, I purchased a toy keyboard (like a TOY keyboard, not an overpriced casio) for 4.99 at Value Village. I took it home, and spent a couple of hours messing about in it, and when I was done, I had a unit that turns on 50% of the time, stays on 50% of the time, and doesn't freeze 10% of the time. But the sounds that thing makes can not be rivaled by ANY synth I've ever owned.  Sure sometimes, I have to take the batteries out, and leave it for an hour, but it's worth it! I just spent an hour sampling it (till it decided to take a nap) and I'm finding some of the most exciting sounds I've found in years.

The feeling of bending something into an awesome sounding machine feels the same as discovering an awesome sample on a sketchy piece of wax. Its like you've uncovered something no one else knows about!  And for what? 4.99 and a couple of hours of antisocial nerdlyness.

I love it. And I'm hooked.  -PP "

There are quite a few streamed songs on CBC Radio 3 and this sampling of the"Fresh" EP is on his MySpaceMusic. "Fresh" was completed late last year with 5 songs and is available on the Fuzzy Logic site. His 2008 album Peter Project is available on Fuzzy Logicat Soundscapes in Toronto, or available for download at Zunior, e-music, or iTunes. 

Twitterversion:: #newmusicmonday features Peter Project {@PeterProjectEsq} Funk-laden synth pop hip-hop. @Prof_K

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