Monday, May 10, 2010

newmusicmonday #42 :: Hey Ocean!

images:: Hey Ocean! poster & band, MySpaceMusic

There were quite a few artists this week I was considering for newmusicmonday, but I decided on the indie pop of Vancouver's Hey Ocean! {CBCr3}. Consisting of Ashleigh Ball {vocals, flute guitar}, David Beckingham {vocals, guitar}, and David Vertesi {bass, vocals, guitar}, their sound is accessible but without the overblown production of standard pop, which allows the nuances of their music with undercurrents of funk and world rhythms.

I find "Madera"to be a good intro to the band. The sound might not be the best on this live version {Calgary 2008}, you can get a sense of their sound::

This video for "Terribly Stable" has découpage "low-fi" animation::

"A Song About California" highlights their fusion of influences with a slightly anachronistic sound that works::

Their latest video is for "Fish" from their 2009 album, 'It's Easier to Be Someone Else'::

There are nine songs on their CBC Radio 3 page to listen to and they have several videos on their YouTube channel. Last December they had a Vancouver show with another newmusicmonday pick, #9—The Zolas, and toured with the Melbourne band, Cat Empire, late last year. They just finished a tour and unfortunately no dates are immediately forthcoming.

Unfortunately, according to this Tweet, {@heyoceanband} their van got broken into last week and Vertesi's bass was stolen. Those around Gastown {Vancouver} be on the lookout for "a yellow 5 string fender jazz bass."

image:: 'framed', CBC Radio 3

Twitterversion:: #newmusicmonday features Vancouver's Hey Ocean! {@heyoceanband}Indie pop w/jazzy/world/funky rhythms. Videos & links. @Prof_K

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