Monday, May 17, 2010

newmusicmonday #43 :: The Salteens

image:: The Salteens-Studio photo gallery, MySpaceMusic

Vancouver's The Salteens {CBCr3, Wiki} bill themselves as soft punk, but there's a more than a bit of an homage to twee with sweet vocals, horns, and lush orchestrations. This is summery music for those days when you want to wear your fave hipster shirt and be sipping a hefeweizen with a generous wedge of ripe lemon—and hopefully not on shuffle before or after fellow Vancouverites, The Japandroids.

This "music & the ad" dates back to 2007, before my days of watching Canadian TV. This is a Zeller's {Department Store} spot for spring using "Nice Day" and featuring the artwork of Stephan Britt::

This video for "Time You Have Been Wasting" goes back to 2006's 'Let Go Of Your Bad Days'::

along with "Thoughts from Sound"::

The Salteens started out strong back in 2000, with a debut album, 'Short-Term Memories', with an extensive tour subsequently. Their second album was 'Let Go of Your Bad Days' and they've released songs in dribs and drabs over the past few years. They just released a 6-song EP, 'Moths' {sample/buy discography on bandcamp} with forthcoming album, 'Grey Eyes', scheduled for release this summer.

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