Saturday, May 08, 2010

Not So Subtle Advertising :: Illegal McDonald's McMini Ad in Toronto

image:: illegal McDonald's advertisement at Bay & College, Toronto

I saw on Torontoist a story for the above illegal outdoor ad installation, place by Titan 360 for McDonald's on property owned by Candarel through a contract that's good through 9 May. The ad apparently violates Toronto city bylaw Chapter 693.

The first thing I thought of is that this installation would be a prime target for Fight Clubbean vandalism of the ilk of "Project Mayhem". Of course, I wasn't alone::

Tonight, I might walk over there to check it out and take a few night pics of it lit up. Just pics. Unless, of course, it's been victimized or on eBay. While the Torontoist Vandalist feature features "graffiti and street art", it might be a good {or legal} thing that it doesn't condone actual vandalism.

Song:: Rage Against the Machine-'Calm Like a Bomb'

Twitterversion:: illegal flashy McDonald McMinis outdoor ad in the @Torontoist inspires Palahniukian comments. @Prof_K

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