Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Partisan Press :: UK Newspaper Homepages on Election Day

image:: screencap of The Sun's homepage,

Unabashedly partisan cover story on The Sun's website using Shepard Fairey Obama iconography to make a pitch for the Tories and their leader, David Cameron.

The Daily Mirror wasn't so charitable::

image:: Daily Mirror homepage,

The Daily Mirror had two stories, one urging Britons to think of the children and a puff piece on Lils {Lily Allen} tweeting a pic of herself in front of her polling station with the message "Come on the Reds." Cincinnati? Oh, Labour.

I'm not sure why but I don't mind journalism being so overtly partisan. I like to know where they stand overtly and I don't like papers thinking they're hiding behind some veneer of objectivity, but aren't fooling anyone.

Song:: Arcadia-'Election Day'

Twitter:: UK papers overtly political on the front/home page, which I find refreshing.Plus, now I know Lily Allen voted Labour.OMG!  @Prof_K

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