Sunday, May 09, 2010

“Sack Kay Burley” Meme :: What Happens When Journalists Try to Squelch Voice

image:: Kay Burley from SkyNews-UK, from NowMagazineUK

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More kerfuffle from the UK that's spreading like wildfire on social media. The current top UK trending topic is "sack Kay Burley", stemming from viewers wanting the Sky News journalist fired after a hostile interview with a protester. Here's a video of the interview {apologies for the sound quality, the volume does goes up}::
Burley's tactics make her appear bullying and clearly not impartial. She also has very flawed logic, but the facts and being knowledgeable aren't her strong suit as she mistook Joe Biden's Ash Wednesday ashes on his forehead for a bruise. She later apologized. So, Kay appears to be opinionated, a loudmouth, and not too bright—I think she's angling for a career in American cable infotainment. Burley is being obtuse on purpose in order to make her point. The protests are about the "first-past-the-post" or winner-take-all method of tabulating seats in Parliament, which has resulted in the current hung Parliament. Kay doesn't see any point in that as it a fait accompli and that the current party negotiations are democracy in action. She asserts that the people chose a hung Parliament, while the protesters are complaining that the hung Parliament is a product of a "broken" system. Given social media, the news of this spread virally and the video footage of her exchange was put on YouTube {above}. Adding fuel to the fire, hecklers are interrupting her interviews with chants of "sack Kay Burley, watch the BBC" and this is now making the rounds on YouTube, as part of the "sack Kay Burley" meme.  

Ah, a facepalm moment, UK-style.

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Anonymous said...

Kay Burley is totally right. She showed up this arse for the arse he is.

And she is hot.

Thomas said...

This is cool!